Fabricated Parts


ESPI has been fabricating custom parts made up of many different pure elements and alloys for over 50 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture specialty products for our customers unique needs. Manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Casting of pure metals and alloys
  • Vacuum arc melting
  • Induction melting
  • Rod and wire drawing
  • Sheet and foil rolling
  • CNC milling and machining

ESPI's product line of over 70 elements and alloys from the periodic table, in purities up to 6N (99.9999%) include:

  • Foil and Sheet
  • Wire and Rod
  • Ribbon
  • Pellets and Shot
  • Chips and Pieces
  • Powder
  • Discs
  • Sputtering Targets
  • Ingots

All forms can be manufactured to custom specifications. Or, for those time critical applications where standard sizes will meet project requirements, take advantage of ESPI’s Ready-To-Ship (RTS) program. ESPI stocks pre-fabricated items in foil and sheet that are available for same day shipment.* To view the Ready to Ship products, click here. For a quotation, call, e-mail or click "Chat Now" to the right for immediate assistance.

* Order must be received by 1:00 pm Pacific

Fabricating Custom Parts

In addition to the many metal forms that we stock, ESPI has capabilities to fabricate metals to our customer's specifications. If you don't see the sheet or foil thickness, or the rod or wire diameter you need, we can manufacture it for you. If you don't see an alloy that you're looking for, we melt custom alloys. We have no minimum order requirement for most products, and with our experience in working with many exotic metals, we are a good resource for your prototype needs. If you need a custom part fabricated to your drawing, call or email and let us work up a quote for you!

Workmanship Standards

Where not specified in the purchase order or contract, ESPI shall apply standard workmanship tolerances:

Rounds (rod, wire, etc): diameters ≤0.004": +/-0.0005", diameters ≥0.005": +/-10%

Profiles (plate, sheet, foil, etc): thickness ≤0.004": +/-0.0005", thickness ≥0.005": +/- 10%

Other non-machined solids (powder, shot, pieces, etc): +/-10% for weight, +/-25% for size.

If you need a tighter tolerance, just ask!


Material purities indicate a minimum purity. Purities may be higher than stated in the material description based on availability. When no internal analysis is available, calculation of purity levels rely on the ingot analysis provided by the mill. Purities of fabricated metal products are generally based on ingot chemistry. Stated purity is on a metals basis; non-metals and gases are excluded. Elements falling below lower detection limits are counted as not being present. When non-metal and gas impurity levels are known they will be indicated on the certificate of analysis. When no specific analysis is available a typical analysis will be provided. Rare Earth purities are based upon rare earth contaminants only. Zirconium purity excludes hafnium. Niobium purity exludes tantalum.

Quality Assurance

ESPI's comprehensive line of high-purity metals, alloys, and chemical compounds are distributed to scientists worldwide. We have earned the trust of our customers by maintaining a strong commitment to quality and excellence. The figures given as typical analyses have been compiled as an average of previous batches. They are provided as a guide to the nature and extent of the impurities which may be expected and may vary from batch to batch. Actual material analyses will be provided free of charge upon request for those items which have had analysis work conducted in the normal course of production. For those items for which no analysis has been conducted, an analysis will be provided for a charge.