Waspaloy Composition

Waspaloy is an age hardened austenitic, face-centered cubic nickel-based superalloy. Waspaloy alloy is typically used in high temperature applications, particularly in gas turbines. It demonstrates superior strength properties through temperatures of roughly 980°C (1800°F). Other characteristics of Waspaloy include good corrosion resistance, as well as being relatively impervious to oxidation making it well suited for service in extreme environments such as gas turbine blades, seals, rings, shafts and turbine disks.


Nominal Composition in Percentage:

Ni                    54.00

Co                  13.50

Cr                   19.50

Mo                  4.25

Fe                   2.00

Si                    0.75

Mn                   1.00

C                     0.070

Al                    1.400

Ti                    3.000

Cu                    0.50

P                     0.030

B                     0.006

S                     0.030

Zr                     0.06

UNS Number:


Other Standard Specifications:

AMS 5828, AMS 5544 


8.20 g/cm3 (0.296 lbs/in2)

Exceptional Properties:

Strength through temperatures up to 980oC, corrosion & oxidation resistance



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