Safety Data Sheets

The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are made available to familiarize you with specific safe handling characteristics of the material of interest.  The information contained in the SDS's are taken from sources believed to be accurate and correct.  ESPI makes no expressed or implied warranty with respect to the accuracy of the information or the suitability of the recommendations contained in the SDS's.  We accept no responsibility and disclaim all liability for any harmful effects, which may be caused by the purchase, resale, use or exposure to the materials.  Customers/users of the product must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations pertaining to the material.


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 Alloy C22
 Alloy C276
 Aluminum Antimonide
 Aluminum Carbide
 Aluminum Fluoride
 Aluminum Nitride
 Aluminum Oxide
 Aluminum Powder
 Aluminum Selenide
 Aluminum Tungstate
 Aluminum-Silicon Alloy
 Antimony Iodide
 Antimony Oxide Sb2O3
 Antimony Oxide Sb2O5
 Antimony Powder
 Antimony Selenide
 Antimony Sulfide
 Arsenic Oxide
 Arsenic Selenide 
 Beryllium Copper
 Beryllium Nitride
 Beryllium Oxide
 Beryllium Powder
 Bismuth Oxide
 Bismuth Powder
 Bismuth Telluride
 Bismuth Tungstate
 Boron Carbide
 Boron Nitride
 Boron Oxide
 Cadmium Oxide
 Cadmium Powder
 Cadmium Sulfate
 Cadmium Telluride
 Calcium Boride
 Calcium Carbonate
 Calcium Oxide
 Calcium Titanate
 Calcium Tungstate
 Calcium Zirconate
 Cerium Boride
 Cerium Carbonate
 Cerium Fluoride
 Cerium Hydrate
 Cerium Nitrate
 Cerium Oxide
 Cerium Powder
 Cerium Titanate
 Cerium Zirconate
 Cesium Acetate
 Cesium Carbonate
 Cesium Chloride
 Cesium Chromate
 Cesium Fluoride
 Cesium Hydroxide
 Cesium Iodide
 Cesium Molybdate
 Cesium Sulfate
 Chloroauric Acid
 Chloroplatinic Acid
 Chromium Boride Cr5B3
 Chromium Boride CrB2
 Chromium Carbide
 Chromium Oxide CrO
 Chromium Oxide CrO2
 Chromium Powder
 Chromium Silicide Cr3Si
 Chromium Silicide Cr3Si2
 Chromium Silicide CrSi2
 Chromium Sulfide
 Cobalt Fluoride
 Cobalt Oxide Co3O4
 Cobalt Oxide CoO
 Cobalt Phosphide
 Cobalt Powder
 Cobalt Selenide
 Cobalt Sulfate
 Cobalt Titanate
 Copper Aluminum Alloy
 Copper Aluminum Nickel Alloy
 Copper Fluoride
 Copper Iron Alloy
 Copper Nickel Alloy
 Copper Oxide Cu2O
 Copper Oxide CuO
 Copper Powder
 Copper Sulfate
 Copper Sulfide Cu2S
 Copper Sulfide CuS
 Copper Tungstate
 Copper Tungsten Alloy 
 Diammineplatinum Nitrite
 Dysprosium Foil
 Dysprosium Oxide
 Dysprosium Powder
 Dysprosium Sulfate 
 Erbium Boride
 Erbium Fluoride
 Erbium Foil
 Erbium Oxide
 Erbium Powder
 Erbium Sulfate
 Europium Chloride
 Europium Fluoride
 Europium Oxide
 Europium Powder 
 Gadolinium Fluoride
 Gadolinium Foil
 Gadolinium Oxide
 Gadolinium Powder
 Gallium Indium Alloy
 Gallium Indium Tin Eutectic
 Gallium Tin Alloy
 Germanium Oxide
 Germanium Powder
 Gold Acetate
 Gold Chloride
 Gold Cyanide
 Gold Nitrate
 Gold Oxide
 Gold Powder
 Gold Sodium Cyanide
 Gold-Antimony Alloy
 Gold-Beryllium Alloy
 Gold-Copper Alloy
 Gold-Germanium Alloy
 Gold-Nickel Alloy
 Gold-Palladium Alloy
 Gold-Platinum Alloy
 Gold-Rhodium Alloy
 Gold-Silicon Alloy
 Gold-Tin Alloy
 Gold-Zinc Alloy
 Graphite Powder 
 Hafnium Carbide
 Hafnium Oxide
 Hafnium Powder
 Hexachloroplatinic Acid
 Holmium Chloride
 Holmium Fluoride
 Holmium Foil
 Holmium Oxide
 Holmium Powder
 Hy Mu 80 
 Indium Antimonide
 Indium Oxide
 Indium Powder
 Indium Tin Alloy
 Indium Tin Oxide
 Invar Powder
 Iridium Chloride
 Iridium Chloride Hydrate
 Iridium Oxide
 Iridium Oxide Hydrate
 Iridium Powder
 Iron Boride
 Iron Fluoride
 Iron Nickel Alloy
 Iron Oxide Fe2O3
 Iron Oxide Fe3O4
 Iron Powder
 Iron Silicide 
 Lanthanum Chloride
 Lanthanum Fluoride
 Lanthanum Oxide
 Lanthanum Powder
 Lead Powder
 Lead Sulfide
 Lead Telluride
 Lithium Bromide
 Lithium Carbonate
 Lithium Chloride
 Lithium Cobaltite
 Lithium Fluoride
 Lithium Iodate
 Lithium Metaborate
 Lithium Niobate
 Lithium Titanate
 Lutetium Fluoride
 Lutetium Foil
 Lutetium Oxide
 Lutetium Powder 
 Magnesium AZ31B Alloy
 Magnesium Fluoride
 Magnesium Oxide
 Magnesium Oxide Single Crystal
 Magnesium Powder
 Magnesium Silicate
 Magnesium Silicide
 Magnesium Titanate
 Magnesium Tungstate
 Magnesium Turnings And Foil
 Magnesium Zirconate
 Manganese Carbonate
 Manganese Fluoride
 Manganese Oxide Mn2O3
 Manganese Oxide Mn3O4
 Manganese Oxide MnO
 Manganese Powder
 Manganese Sulfide
 Manganese Tungstate
 Molybdenum Carbide Mo2C
 Molybdenum Carbide MoC
 Molybdenum Diboride
 Molybdenum Powder
 Molybdenum Silicide
 Molybdenum Sulfide
 Molybdenum TZM Alloy
 Neodymium Boride
 Neodymium Fluoride
 Neodymium Foil And Chips
 Neodymium Oxide
 Neodymium Powder
 Nickel Antimonide
 Nickel Boride Ni2B
 Nickel Chloride
 Nickel Chloride Hexahydrate
 Nickel Chromium Alloy
 Nickel Fluoride
 Nickel Iron Alloy
 Nickel Oxide NiO
 Nickel Phosphide
 Nickel Powder
 Nickel Silicide Ni2Si
 Nickel Silicide NiSi2
 Nickel Sulfide
 Nickel Telluride
 Niobium Carbide
 Niobium Nitride
 Niobium Oxide
 Niobium Powder
 Niobium Selenide
 Niobium Silicide 
 Osmium Chloride Hydrate
 Osmium Oxide
 Osmium Powder 
 Palladium Chloride
 Palladium Nitrate
 Palladium Oxide
 Palladium Powder
 Palladium Silver Alloy
 Permalloy 80
 Phosphor P-1
 Phosphor P-11 Type 132
 Phosphor P-20
 Phosphor P-22
 Phosphor P-4
 Phosphor Type 1134
 Phosphor Type 1152
 Phosphor Type 1260
 Phosphor Type 1261
 Phosphor Type 2011
 Phosphor Type 2282
 Platinum Chloride
 Platinum Iridium Alloy
 Platinum Oxide
 Platinum Palladium Alloy
 Platinum Powder
 Platinum Rhodium Alloy
 Potassium Bromide Crystals
 Potassium Carbonate
 Potassium Chloride
 Potassium Dicyanoaurate
 Potassium Hexachloroosmate
 Potassium Sodium Alloy
 Potassium Tellurite
 Praseodymium Foil And Chips
 Praseodymium Oxide Pr6O11
 Praseodymium Powder 
 Rene 41
 Rhenium Oxide Re2O7
 Rhenium Oxide ReO3
 Rhenium Powder
 Rhodium Chloride
 Rhodium Oxide
 Rhodium Powder
 Rubidium Chloride
 Rubidium Chromate
 Ruthenium Oxide
 Ruthenium Powder 
 Samarium Fluoride
 Samarium Foil And Chips
 Samarium Nitrate
 Samarium Oxide
 Samarium Powder
 Scandium Foil
 Scandium Nitrate
 Scandium Oxide
 Scandium Powder
 Selenium Chloride
 Selenium Oxide
 Silicon Carbide
 Silicon Nitride
 Silicon Oxide Powder SiO2
 Silicon Oxide SiO
 Silicon Oxide SiO2
 Silicon Powder
 Silver Bromide
 Silver Chloride
 Silver Copper Alloy
 Silver Iodide
 Silver Nitrate
 Silver Oxide
 Silver Powder
 Silver Selenide
 Sodium Aluminum Fluoride
 Sodium Borohydride
 Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous
 Sodium Chloride
 Sodium Fluoride
 Sodium Hexachloroosmate
 Sodium Hexafluoroaluminate
 Sodium Tetrachloroaurate
 Sodium Titanate
 Stainless Steel
 Strontium Carbonate
 Strontium Chloride
 Strontium Iodide
 Strontium Titanate
 Tantalum Carbide
 Tantalum Fluoride
 Tantalum Nitride
 Tantalum Oxide
 Tantalum Phosphide
 Tantalum Powder
 Tantalum Silicide
 Tellurium Chloride
 Tellurium Copper
 Tellurium Oxide
 Tellurium Powder
 Terbium Chloride Anhydrous
 Terbium Fluoride
 Terbium Foil
 Terbium Nitrate
 Terbium Oxide
 Terbium Powder
 Tetraamminepalladium Chloride
 Tetraamminepalladium Nitrate
 Thallium Bromide
 Thallium Carbonate
 Thallium Chloride
 Thallium Oxide Tl2O
 Thallium Oxide Tl2O3
 Thulium Chloride
 Thulium Fluoride
 Thulium Foil
 Thulium Oxide
 Thulium Powder
 Tin Lead Alloy
 Tin Oxide SnO
 Tin Oxide SnO2
 Tin Powder
 Tin Selenide
 Tin Sulfate
 Titanium Aluminum Vanadium Alloy
 Titanium Boride
 Titanium Carbide
 Titanium Fluoride
 Titanium Hydride
 Titanium Nitride
 Titanium Oxide TiO
 Titanium Oxide TiO2
 Titanium Powder
 Titanium Selenide
 Titanium Silicide Ti5Si3
 Titanium Silicide TiSi2
 Titanium Sulfide
 Tungsten Alloy
 Tungsten Boride
 Tungsten Carbide WC
 Tungsten Chloride
 Tungsten Oxide
 Tungsten Powder
 Tungsten Rhenium Alloy
 Tungsten Selenide
 Tungsten Silicide W5Si3
 Tungsten Silicide WSi2
 Tungsten Sulfide
 Tungsten Thoriated 
 Vanadium Boride
 Vanadium Carbide
 Vanadium Nitride
 Vanadium Oxide V2O5
 Vanadium Powder 
 Ytterbium Fluoride
 Ytterbium Foil
 Ytterbium Oxide
 Ytterbium Powder
 Yttrium Chloride Hydrate
 Yttrium Chloride Anhydrous
 Yttrium Fluoride
 Yttrium Foil
 Yttrium Nitrate
 Yttrium Oxide
 Yttrium Powder
 Yttrium Sulfide 
 Zinc Arsenide Zn3As2
 Zinc Arsenide ZnAs2
 Zinc Oxide
 Zinc Powder
 Zinc Selenide
 Zinc Silicate Phosphor
 Zinc Sulfide
 Zinc Telluride
 Zirconium Boride
 Zirconium Carbide
 Zirconium Fluoride
 Zirconium Oxide
 Zirconium Powder
 Zirconium Silicate
 Zirconium Silicide